The Course

Welcome to Learn Kit Fast. 

Okay, so you’re moving to Kit (formerly ConvertKit). Cool!

  • You’ve heard about the features.
  • Maybe you have friends that are using this popular email marketing tool.
  • But maybe you’re just a tiny bit overwhelmed by learning something new?

Kit is a powerful tool…if you know how to use it.
Hi, my name is Matt Molen, and I’ve helped hundreds of creators switch their email newsletters & marketing initiatives to Kit. 

Why I Love Kit

Kit focuses on creators, not huge enterprises. 

As such, they’ve made focused design and feature choices. They ask the question: “What do creators really need?” and stick to it.

Kit is the best blend of the powerful features I need + the simplicity I want. 

It’s powerful, but not complicated.

However, as with any new software, there can sometimes be a learning curve.

I’m here to help you LEARN Kit Fast! 

I’ve Been Using Kit for 7 Years

In my career, I’ve used dozens of email marketing platforms, and Kit (formerly ConvertKit) is by far my favorite. 

In 2017, I personally switched to Kit after years of using Mailchimp. 

Over the past five years, I’ve learned exactly what you need to do to get up and running FAST with a new Kit.

I’ll Tell You What to Do…in What Order

Just follow the simple steps I outline in this course and you’ll be making the most of your new Kit account in no time.

So…no more messing around…let’s go!

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